Expert Legal Advice and Representation for All Immigration Matters

PH Law Group has helped hundreds of immigrants fulfill their dreams of living in the United States for business, family, safety and opportunity. We fight for each client until you get the best outcome possible.


Legal Services

We have won nearly every type of immigration case, from business owners who want to operate in the United States to women seeking asylum from violence in their home countries.

Business Visas

A business visa allows you entry into the United States for a business venture.

Family-Based Immigration

Sponsor a spouse, parents, children or siblings to immigrate to the United States.

Immigrant & Non-Immigrant Visas

Family-sponsored, employer-sponsored, immediate relatives, and special immigrants.

Seeking Asylum

Individuals are eligible to apply for asylum if already in the U.S. but fear persecution in their home country.

Facing Deportation

If you unjustly face the prospect of being deported, our legal team will not fail you.

Criminal Law

An immigration attorney can make the difference between freedom and deportation.

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